Even in Ancient Russia cabbage and other crops is not recommended to put in the "male" days – Monday, Thursday or Tuesday. Such dates were considered poor. Experienced gardeners have noticed that failure to comply with this rule, the sprouts did not differ in growth, it is often ruined by pests.
Among the "male" days there are some exceptions. For example, favorable days for planting cabbage are considered to be Maundy Thursday and the first Monday after Easter. Perfect day for this crop is Saturday.
Traditionally, the cabbage seeds begin to prepare for sowing in early March or early may. If the cabbage of early varieties, sow seeds in early March, and in the open ground seedlings are planted in late March or early April. You should definitely use a greenhouse or a greenhouse. If the cabbage of late varieties, the dates are transferred for may. In the beginning of the month sow cabbage, and planted toward the end of may.
According to the Lunar calendar it is not recommended to plant cabbage during the waxing moon, during the new and full moon. The waning Moon is the ideal period for sowing seeds.
Please note that the Lunar calendar is never permanent. If you are interested in the rules for the planting and sowing of sprouts in accordance with these rules, it is better to buy a special schedule for the current year. Astrologers claim that the seedling growth and quality of future crops directly affected by phases of the moon.
If you do not trust the Lunar calendar and not too inclined to adhere to people's will, most importantly, what should pay attention when planting cabbage is favorable weather conditions. In order for the seedlings grew well and was strong, her need a full day, lasting no less than 13 hours. Usually these days come in April and may. Rarely, such conditions can be observed in March.
Lowest level air temperature for the growth of cabbage in the open ground at 13 degrees. Otherwise, the seedlings will die, and bring her back to life you will not succeed. If the weather conditions are unstable, the planting of cabbage it is better to move on may. Sowing seeds it is better to carry out in late March or early April.