You will need
  • - shovel;
  • - humus;
  • - mineral fertilizers.
To avoid such unfortunate situations, you need to approach the cultivation of cabbage very seriously. Prepared according to the rules of the seedlings to endure the transplant. After the appearance of two true leaves, the seedlings need to raspikirovat. For this purpose a pencil in moist soil to make a vertical hole and drop it in the root, buried the plant up to the cotyledons and trying not to damage the spine. The soil around to seal with your hands.
It is important to prevent thickening of the seedlings to avoid fungal infections and black legs. In this disease the stem of the cabbage dries up between the root and the cotyledon leaves and the plant dies or forms a curved stem. If the seedlings are stretched after the pick, you need to pour the ground to the base of the first leaf.
No less important is to prepare the soil and fertilize. Cabbages like alkaline soil, so you need to make the lime and potash to 1 tsp in each hole (can be replaced with a handful of wood ash). This will keep the cabbage from kila – a dangerous disease of the roots where the seedling also killed. It is important to observe the crop rotation and not plant the cabbage in the old place. The plants will be bad to feel after other crucifers: radish, radish, turnip.
The hole you need to dig to a depth of bayonet spade, the roots of the plant fits in it. When planting be sure that the spine is not bent up. It is impossible to fill the earth and growth point – the place where cabbage throws out new leaves. The stem also need to fill the earth, and buried the lower leaves. In such conditions it formed new roots and the development head will get more power.
The distance between the seedlings should be 60x50cm, late 70х60см to avoid excessive shading. When transplanting should be abundantly shed the hole with water (at least 1-1,5 l), and after falling asleep the roots of the ground to compact the soil.
To avoid excessive evaporation of moisture will help mulch the soil under the plant to fill with compost, rotted sawdust or peat. Transplant cabbage need evenings, better to do it in cloudy weather. When the weather is hot, after landing a need pritenyat plants. You can use the means at hand: the leaves of burdock, leaky bucket, non-woven covering material, etc.
Another danger lurks cabbage seedlings after transplanting the cabbage flea. While cabbage is not grown, need twice a day watering it and loosen the soil, and also sprayed with insecticide. "Corado", "Commander". If the farmer has a negative attitude to the use of chemicals, you need to sprinkle the cabbage wood ashes, taking care as it can cause leaf burn.