You will need
  • certificate of education (9 grade);
  • - medical insurance policy;
  • - passport of the student;
  • - passport of parents (if student is under 18 years of age);
  • - 3 photos 3x4.
If you for some reason decided to study in night school, to begin to look for information about all similar establishments in your city. As a rule, evening school is assigned to one of the areas of the city, but this does not mean that you have to visit this educational institution. Find out addresses and phone numbers. Determine where you would prefer to drive, because you are in some days you may have to go out of the house, and rest from work.
Now call every single schoolto learn precisely the rules of admission and list of documents for this institution, because the requirements can vary widely even within the same city, not to mention all the "Vecherka" of the country. There are times when they only accept students with a residence permit in the area of the city where the "Vecherka". Some schools will not accept you if you do not work anywhere. Somewhere in the admission need medical help, or fluorogram. Nuances can be many, so it's best to know everything in advance.
If you have already decided on a school, then you can go to apply. Write a statement about enrollment in the evening school. Entrance tests in these institutions is not usually the only Exceptions are applicants who have graduated from the 9th grade, but to produce a document can't. In this case, a subject the Commission and the applicant for training in the evening school held an interview or testing.
Earlier in the "evening Moscow" came to learn people in the mass, adults. Now if 9th grade you graduated a few years ago, you may be asked to present a document stating that you are in this time have not received secondary education. For example, a document that in these years you have served in the army. If you have studied for some time in College or school on the basis of 9 classes, but not graduated, please submit a document of dismissal with a list of intercepted subjects. But if you never learn, can not accept it. Fortunately, this phenomenon occurs only in a few evening schools. Most of them are ready to accept students regardless of age, work and residence.
Usually in evening schools 3 education - actually evening, day and external. The day study is usually disabled pupils, although this option is convenient and people with shift work. Evening shift is also not all schools begins in the evening. Often the "evening" classes begin at 13-15 hours. Learn so 2 or 3 years, depending on the curriculum of the school, although now there is a tendency to stretch educational process for 3 years. But in many Vecherko" classes are not every day. Externship is a great solution for those who do not want to spend as much as 3 years. Curriculum you will learn in a year. But there are also disadvantages such quick learning. First externship, as a rule, paid. Secondly the program is very rich. You will have to visit every day and homework will be very much. For the working person this is not always convenient.
All of the items and the volume of the school program are the same as in any other school. Examinations in evening schools are no different from those that pass the rest of the graduates. The same exam. And a certificate from such institution is listed, no less than of day schools. So that evening schools should not be afraid, there is always ready to help those who are striving to get an education.