Usually when it's born little goat in the villages are usually given a nickname by the name of the month in which he was lucky to be born. So, the kid born in the autumn in September is automatically named – Cantabrana. You can decline months to distinguish themselves from their neighbors who raise goats. For example, the winter, the goats can be given funny names – Dekabrya, Anarka, Fevrale, and spring – March, Aprelevka, t-shirt, summer – Yunca, iyul'ka (Julia), Augustine, autumn – Sentyabrya, Karina, Noyabrina.
о козах: как содержать
Refer to the pedigree goats. For example, if you traced the life of one goat, then can know from what kind of goat she was born (her mom) and who, in turn, it will be born. So it is possible to give names that begin with the same letter, Colema, Curly, gorgeous.
как содержать козу
Names that are related to the breed of the goat. There are many breeds of goats – from the Swiss saranskoy to Gorky Russian. Gorky goats are considered the best Russian breed of goats. Data goats give about 1,000 litres of milk a year, which is very valuable for farmers. Therefore, it is possible to come up with a nickname goats to match their performance – Dairy, Zarechany, Luchshaya, the Milkman (goat), Prihodko!
самое неприхотливое животное
Who observe omens, to be called goat by the name of nearby rivers, so they gave milk a lot, like filling the river. For example, with the Volga river is associated nickname Olhovatka, and Kama – Mamochka etc.
Как завести козу
If you are studying foreign words, it is possible to use them in the name of goats. Find beautiful words, for example, the translation of the words – beautiful (Bella in Italian), funny (Fani – English), rich, best, great, etc. Your goats will stand out from the common herd truly sonorous and unusual names.
какие веники запасать козе
It is common to give names to the goats, such as humans. Perhaps you have often seen a goat Masha, Zoya or Nastya? Can choose one of these options, in the end, the name should appeal not only to you but to the goat.