You will need
  • kit for engraving (Dremel);
  • glass surface;
  • stencil.
Prepare the basis on which you will be engraved. You can use a variety of cups, flat plates, thick-walled jars, glass plates. For the first works better do not use thin glass.
Prepared glass (glass) is clean from possible labels and wash thoroughly in warm water, removing all dirt, then dry.
Select a picture or ornament which you will decorate a glass. In the presence of artistic abilities, apply the image on the surface with a non-permanent marker. If you draw the pattern itself does not work, pick a picture or template with a clear outline.
Print or transfer the image to paper. Glue the image on the reverse side of the glass with duct tape.
Take the tool for engraving and check up reliability of fastening of the nozzle. If you face this class for the first time, try to draw a few patterns on a piece of plastic or old disk.
Put picture, gently touching the tool to the surface of the glass.
Try to engrave glass with different attachments.
Do not proceed directly to the application of a complex picture. Hone your skills, starting with the transfer on the glass simple patterns, letters, elementary drawings.
Polish special image nozzles.
Thoroughly wash the finished product, washing the glass dust.