Advice 1: How to strengthen springs of the Gazelle

Over time, springs destroyed, the car starts to sink and its load capacity is reduced. So for car owners GAS light-duty vehicles for the gain of the springs is relevant. From the point of view of the modern automobile "Gazelle" is applied to the archaic front suspension all wheels. Her scheme is simple: at the front and rear longitudinal leaf springs mounted solid axle beam.
How to strengthen springs of the Gazelle
Limiting the maximum mass of cargo is set by the manufacturer on each car. Strengthening the front and rear springs adds about 500 kg. increased spring useful in lengthening of the chassis to increase the reliability of service to the elongated base when fully loaded.

Five main and three additional leaf-podrecznika part springs rear suspension "Gazelle". And in the front suspension of a vehicle spring compression mounted on the frame, play the role of extra sheets.

To avoid undesirable consequences that escalate in advance the total number of leaves of the rear springs, but if you want and front. This change will bring another plus — will increase the stability of the loaded van or body.
Don't get carried away with the number of added sheets, everything should be in moderation. Shock can go to a more expensive connection or parts of the vehicle, because it is too hard suspension is not going to consume numerous defects of our roads.

Front with a rear spring Assembly interchangeable: worn rear springs from old cars can be put instead of the front, and in their place purchase a new one.
Among the failures of "Gazelle" can sometimes be quite a serious flaw: both the bridge cease to be equal to each other and therefore the attachment of the axle to the spring weakening. The car loses directional stability, wear on tires. Drivers noticed something was wrong, looking for the cause of reduction in controllability in the work of steering control or regulate corners of installation of wheels.

In fact, accurately measure the distance between the front and rear wheels of the right and left sides. The reason for the skewed bridges have a used car can be, for example, if the repair of the bridge nut of step-ladders were poorly tightened or the car has been in an accident.
Breaking the center bolt of the spring — another reason for the skewed bridge. If the bridge is "led", be sure to check that bolt. New bolt though and is worth a penny, but the repair will be difficult. You should make a "bulkhead" spring, because the root leaf springs due to breakage of the bolt shifted.

Advice 2 : How to increase the capacity of the Gazelle

Increase the capacity of the car "Gazelle", among other things, will help to reduce the costs of its operation. After the manufacturer has equipped its new high-performance engine and steering, the opportunity to increase the weight of cargo without sacrificing maneuverability and speed qualities.
How to increase the capacity of the Gazelle
You will need
  • Sets of wrenches of different types and sizes, the channel selected length and size, welding machine, angle fitting, skills and access to work with welding, an additional "root" leaves of springs, jacks or other lifting devices, chock, belay the "goats."
The work consists of two main stages: the gain of the base frame and the cargo platform, installing additional spring leaves. Start with a building frame with the use of appropriate channel size and long. The channel will Waite in the inner part of the supporting frame or screw the bolts through existing frame holes. Instead of a channel can weld along the frame - with the inside or outside of the band of sheet metal. Increase lateral stiffness, with corners or fittings, pulling the opposite longitudinal part of the frame. Then you can move on to the second stage.
For installing additional spring leaves detach from the gearbox drive axle driveshaft, causing the chisel marks to ensure alignment for future Assembly. Remove step-ladders of springs and raise the car sufficiently to free springs high. After selecting and installing additional spring leaves, do operations of this step in reverse order: step ladders fasten the axle to the frame, and then fasten the driveshaft to the gearbox, aligning left when disassembling the label. Then do the operation of adding leaves and to strengthen the front springs.
After completion of the work check and, if necessary, adjust the toe-in of front wheels. In subsequent operation of the modernized "Gazelle" pay attention to increased wear of the brake pads, wheel bearings and hubs. Follow and nodes that you have made changes - it is likely that you will need to repeat from time to time the tightening of loose connections.
At work, use caution. When welding disconnect the battery terminals. When you use lifts and jacks, use a safety "goats" and wheel shoes. Pay close attention to the possibilities of the damage vehicle wiring, brake pipes and hoses.

Changing the design of the car is subject to the corresponding registration in the registration authorities with mandatory changes to the technical documentation.
Useful advice
The stretcher and cargo platform improve, then screw bolts in the corners diagonally to the transverse spars.
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