Limiting the maximum mass of cargo is set by the manufacturer on each car. Strengthening the front and rear springs adds about 500 kg. increased spring useful in lengthening of the chassis to increase the reliability of service to the elongated base when fully loaded.

Five main and three additional leaf-podrecznika part springs rear suspension "Gazelle". And in the front suspension of a vehicle spring compression mounted on the frame, play the role of extra sheets.

To avoid undesirable consequences that escalate in advance the total number of leaves of the rear springs, but if you want and front. This change will bring another plus — will increase the stability of the loaded van or body.
Don't get carried away with the number of added sheets, everything should be in moderation. Shock can go to a more expensive connection or parts of the vehicle, because it is too hard suspension is not going to consume numerous defects of our roads.

Front with a rear spring Assembly interchangeable: worn rear springs from old cars can be put instead of the front, and in their place purchase a new one.
Among the failures of "Gazelle" can sometimes be quite a serious flaw: both the bridge cease to be equal to each other and therefore the attachment of the axle to the spring weakening. The car loses directional stability, wear on tires. Drivers noticed something was wrong, looking for the cause of reduction in controllability in the work of steering control or regulate corners of installation of wheels.

In fact, accurately measure the distance between the front and rear wheels of the right and left sides. The reason for the skewed bridges have a used car can be, for example, if the repair of the bridge nut of step-ladders were poorly tightened or the car has been in an accident.
Breaking the center bolt of the spring — another reason for the skewed bridge. If the bridge is "led", be sure to check that bolt. New bolt though and is worth a penny, but the repair will be difficult. You should make a "bulkhead" spring, because the root leaf springs due to breakage of the bolt shifted.