You will need
  • Computer, Internet connection, file archiving software.
Before you can open the archive, you need to install on your computer profile program-archiver. As of today, there are many formats of archiving, the best installer will be the application WinRAR. This program is freely available and you can find it in the Internet.
To download the program, you need to visit the search engine website. Due to this service you will be able to find the most appropriate version of the software. After downloading the zip file utility program installed on your computer, make sure that the uploaded file does not contain viruses that can harm the operating system. This can be done by using any anti-virus software. If the file is safe for the computer, run the installation without changing the destination path.
After the program the archiver will be installed on your computer, you do not need to reboot the system. Integration and configuration of applications is done automatically right after installation.
When the archiver is not installed on the computer, the files appear as blank icons, and its discovery was impossible. Now that you've installed the app on the PC, a blank icon will change to a certain icon depending on the format of the archive file), and opening the file to become available. In order to enter the archive, you can simply click on its label with the left mouse button two times. Program archiver will display on your desktop window, which will contain the zipped file.