You will need
  • computer;
  • keyboard;
  • - two joysticks.
You can play PES on your PC locally (without Internet connection). For this you'll need or two joysticks or a joystick and keyboard. Invite your friends to play virtual soccer in your home. Given the interest in Russia for this game, he most likely will accept your invitation.
For high-quality and pleasant for both teams of the game you first need to set control. Start PES, select "controller Settings". It is painted, what button is responsible for the strike, some for pas. Clicking on the tab "defensive strategies", you will be able to see the buttons to tackle and getting the ball, control the goalkeeper.
Explain to your opponent control. If he is an experienced player in PES, it may already be clear. If he played other simulation games (e.g., FIFA), can be replaced the function keys. To do this, click on the topics "Pass", "Tackle" etc. in the "controller Settings" and press the desired key.
You can then proceed directly to the game in PES together. Select "Single player", it spread the icons of the controller in different directions (one player must press the left and the other right). Select team. It is advisable to choose clubs from one League or teams, of equal strength (so be honest). The strength of the team is reflected in the stars. The difference of a "star" teams should not exceed one paragraph.