Before washing pay attention to the fabric of which is sewn shirt, as specified on the label, and in accordance with the instructions choose the mode of washing.
To wash the collar, first try to grate it with soap and leave it for a couple of hours. After that, wash your shirt in the car as usual using your usual powder.
Some women offer a similar way to use the funds for washing dishes, well dissolving fat. Try to handle the collar before washing such a tool, then leave for half an hour and wash as usual.
Treat polluted collar with a cotton swab dipped in vinegar, then place in the washing machine. If you're dealing with a colored shirt, then first try out how the vinegar on the cloth, on inconspicuous area. It can cause discoloration of the fabric, so be careful.
Also try to clear the collar before washing with a mixture of alcohol and salt. For its preparation take four parts ammonia and one part of salt. Stir and add four parts of water. This mixture carefully wipe the collar, leave it on for ten minutes for the best actions, then rinse with warm water.
Use talcum powder. In the evening fill the collar with talc, and in the morning wash it as usual.
Use a stiff brush. Before washing, dampen a toothbrush and RUB intensely contaminated sites. For greater efficiency you can use the soap solution. After washing as usual. This method should not be abused, if used frequently, the fabric will RUB.
Many suggest to change shirts daily, thereby avoiding heavy dirt. Perhaps this method would be optimal, especially if we are talking about shirts in white.