Rock-n-roll means "twisting-turning". If you don't plan to seriously pursue rock-and-roll, just turn on the fiery music and start to move. In "the New adventures Shurika" the Soviet people were given the basics of twist belonging to the group of rock-and-roll dances: imagine that you have under foot a cigarette butt and put out his sock. Then extinguish the cigarette butt under your other leg. Now, under two feet. Your body will tell you how to move in the rhythm of fast-paced rock-and-roll tunes.
Rock-n-roll is a pair dance. To begin the study of dance should be basic movements. For the partner, they will be as follows: standing straight, take a small step back with left foot. In this case, your position should remain open, the face looks diagonally. Put your weight on the right leg, place it parallel to the left face turn to the wall. Cross your bent left leg exactly on the knee level against the line of dance, then return the left foot to its original position, becoming the face to the wall.
Lift and bend the knee right leg, cross it at the level of the knee diagonally to the wall. Then return leg to starting position. These movements can be repeated countless times, until the last music. At this time, the partner needs to do the same movements in mirror image.
Indispensable in the development of rock-and-roll will become your YouTube. See rock'n'roll dancing, performances in the Championships and try to repeat their movements. After a few months of hard training you will succeed.
However, the most faithful and reliable way to learn how to dance rock-n-roll will be recording a dance school. Experienced instructors will teach you the basic movements, you can gradually move on to complicated elements of dance and learn the rock-and-roll to perfection.