You will need
  • - packet of black fabric paint;
  • - enamel basin for painting.
Packet of dye into any enamel or ceramic bowl. While constantly stirring, drop by drop add warm water to form a paste. Pour the pasta water at the rate of half a liter of water per batch of paint, mix thoroughly and strain through cheesecloth.
The mixture is then pour into a large enamel basin. Add water at a temperature of 40-50° C. the Amount of the resulting solution should be related to the mass of the painted fabric in the range of 10/1.
The resulting solution soak a cloth and put the basin on the fire. After 15-20 min, when the solution already is slightly boiling, remove the cloth and pour the salt solution (2l), prepared based on 1 liter of water 1 tablespoon of salt.
Next, again dip the cloth into the solution. Wait until it again begins to boil and note the time. In a weakly boiling solution of dye cloth should be somewhere 30-40 min.
Now carefully remove from the fire bowl. Put it together with all its contents to a safe place. In the cooling solution , the fabric needs to be another 30 minutes.
Then remove the fabric from the solution and allow it to drain. The fabric repeatedly rinse first in warm and then in cold water. You can add a few drops of vinegar. Gently squeeze out the water and dry the fabric.