You will need
  • - agreement on the procedure for the payment of utilities (with normal relations between the owners enough and a verbal agreement but the written form is more reliable) or a lawsuit on establishing the procedure of payment of utilities and documents that prove you set out in the statement of claim the facts.
If the owners of a normal relationship, it is easiest to agree on who should pay how much. Seems a fair division of payment services, regardless of the number spelled out, in proportion to their shares in ownership of the apartment. With regard to the quantity prescribed, the costs associated with each must carry the owner, who was the initiator of their residence. There is another order: it all depends on how to negotiate between the owners, the stringent requirements of the law on this part no.
More reliable and conclusive in case of dispute the document, compiled on the basis of the agreements of the owners. Samples you can search online or ask for help in the preparation of legal advice. If the owners themselves quite literate and possess basic canons of office, will be able to prepare an agreement on the procedure of payment of utility services and without assistance. To assure the document before a notary public or anywhere else the law requires. But for reliability, you can go to the notary's office at will.
If the owners of the shares for any reason unable to agree, either of them may initiate an appeal to the court, that he determined the order of payment of utilities by all of the owners of the apartment. Will need to pay the stamp duty (size and details can be found in the office of the court). The list attached to the application documents depends on the arguments used by the plaintiff in the statement. Each argument, the court found it persuasive needs to be documented or evidence.