You will need
  • - current and financial account;
  • - extract from the house register;
  • - the plan of BTI with the indication of the area and sizes of rooms;
  • - certificate of income of the person who opened the account.
Find out whether you have the right to demand the separation of the personal account. The fact that it is necessary to fulfill a number of conditions, which belong to the living area and family members. A separate account can only be issued to a citizen who was in the apartment, constantly live in it, is of legal age and has sufficient earnings to repay utility bills. The apartment should be a separate room in which to accommodate a person receiving a separate bill that has a width of more than 2 m. More details about the requirements can be found in the office of Department of housing policy and housing.
Discuss the separation of account with other family members living in the apartment. Get written consent from anyone who is not against this procedure.
Gather the documents that will be needed to open separate accounts. It consists of a copy of the current financial account, an extract from the house register, a plan of BTI with the indication of the area and sizes of rooms, as well as income of the person who opened the account. Write a statement on the separation of account.
Submit all documents to the Department Wjeif your area. If you will not be permitted in the design of new personal accounts, you will receive a written rationale for that decision. If it is due to the fact that no consent was obtained on the separation of account of all members of the family, a controversial issue is solved by filing a claim in court. In this case, the defendant may be the Department Wjeif and your family member. Pay the state fee.
Will receive the court decision on the separation of account. Provide a copy to Wjeif your area and receive a modified contract of employment, which will include new details for payment of utility bills.