If you are already in the stage of the proceedings relative to the disputed apartment, submit to the court the petition for arrest of the property in the form of a security statement. If there is no trial, you will need to file a lawsuit to the court together with a statement about the seizure of disputed property. The complaint as a petition for arrest is served at the place of residence of the defendant.
Make a statement on the claim. In the header write your judicial area and the name of the judge hearing the case. Specify the location of the disputed real estate, which you ask to seize. Also if you have a copy or original of the certificate on registration, fill in the application number of that particular title document.
Justify its demand for the arrest of the apartment. When writing an application it is desirable to specify the facts (evidence) that the opposing party intends to make the apartment any actions on its alienation. In the absence of direct evidence refer to the General requirements for injunctive relief.
Making a statement on the arrest of the apartment, keep in mind that interim measures by the court in the current process can only be taken in the amount of extended claims or counterclaims. Also apartment subject to arrest, cannot claim the rights of other persons not participating in litigation. For example, if there are disagreements regarding the apartment where the dispute is only a fraction of law, the court may not be imposed a lien on the entire property. In this case, mark the statement in question share in the right.
Apply to the Secretary of your judicial district and endorse for your copy of the fact of reception of the petition. The court will consider during the day your statement about the claim, and the arrest of a controversial apartment will be imposed.