You will need
  • - the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • - the right of ownership.
In the case when the apartment has been privatized, to separate the account of payment of utility services, contact the management company or the homeowners Association. If any services such as electricity or gas, you give directly the power supply organization, you will need to apply to each of them.
Give these organizations a statement from each owner of the premises, between which should be made the division of accounts. Also, you will need to bring documents that prove ownership. Sometimes management companies are refusing to make the separation without the presence of a written agreement between the owners. Therefore, pre-compose the document in a free form and sign.
If the management company refuses to grant your request or cannot reach an agreement between the owners, sue in court. In court the contract with the management company can be changed on the basis of paragraph 2 of article 450 of the civil code, and account will be divided.
When contacting the court, prepare a package of documents: a certificate of residence on family composition, certificate of state registration, certificate confirming the absence of debts. Note that the share of existing debt, to pay only your part, you can't. But you will then be able to recover that amount from the debtor in court.
If after the division of the account for whatever reason, will be absent more than five days, submit to the management company a statement to Pereraaccount of payment of utilities. Also you will need to provide proof that the period of time you lived in a different place. Note that the allocation is not made immediately. UK will need to be authenticated, the documents you provide.
Splitting the bills in privatized apartment it is impossible.