Training. Register all participants of the meeting, indicate in alphabetical order of their names, positions. You should as accurately as possible, without the usual reductions to reflect such information in the Protocol.
Methods a Protocol. It all depends on how it is customary to record information about meetingsx of the Commission in the organization or company, or it is a shorthand or a recorder, or write by hand. Depending on this you will have to make the report, deciphering the transcript or recording, plus the outline of the reports that were on the agenda.
The protocols are comprehensive and concise. If you are asked what a sample Protocol is adopted in the organization, you can for themselves decide what will be more convenient.
In developing a complete Protocol you will need to record all the speeches and reports, characterizing each of them at least briefly. A brief Protocol provides only a record of the names of speakers and their presentations.
The design of the Protocol. Such document must be indicated the name of the organization, the immediate date of the meeting of the Commission, registration number, signature. It has the basic requirements according to GOST. Without this information, the Protocol is considered unreliable and invalid.
Please note that all the Protocol text is the introductory and main parts. The introductory part is the same for full and short protocols, and specify in it the names of the Secretary, master record, and the Chairman of the Commission, as well as the total number of participants of the meeting. People who are not official members of the Commission, but present, nevertheless, the meeting recognized the puncture as "invited".
No single Protocol has documentary force until it is signed by the Secretary and the President. It is a prerequisite.