You will need
  • - the form of the Protocol;
  • - driver's license, passport of the offender.
In the upper right corner the Protocoland write the personal data of motorists who violated traffic rules, the address of his residence in accordance with them passport. The document, assign serial number, date of incident and also the place where the compiled Protocol. And specify the exact location. For example, D. Sloboda, Gorokhovets district of the Vladimir region.
Then write all your personal data, position. In this column identifies the entity that is the Protocol on administrative offense. After this again insert details of the person in respect of which will subsequently be prosecuted.
Now write the full address where the event occurred, the exact time. Describe the situation that caused the consequences. For example, in D. Sloboda, Gorohovetsky area at 21:45 citizen Ivanov exceeded the speed of 15 kilometers. Then, Recalling the provisions of the code of administrative offences specify the type of responsibility that must be applied to the face. For example, a penalty sanction in the amount of five hundred rubles.
Pass a Protocol violator. In this graph they are written explanations in respect of the charges. Put a signature, specifies the personal data in accordance with passport, driving license.
Explain to the offender of his rights, obligations, ask to sign in the appropriate field. Familiarize yourself with your compiled Protocolom the motorist a receipt.
In case of failure of the motorist to sign the Protocol, make a note of that fact. Then put your signature, the date of the document. Decode the signature, indicating your surname, initials.
Note that the Protocol drawn up a blueprint. A copy of the Protocoland on the administrative offense , pass offender, ask him to sign a receipt document.