The subject of teachers ' meetings is determined by the scheduled beginning of the school year schedule. Leads such meetings personally by the Director, organizes and prepares the Deputy Director for academic or methodical work. Before describing the process of pedagogical meeting, please fill out the "hat" of the Protocol. To do this, specify the following items: the serial number of the Protocol as "Protocol No. 1" on the center line; the number of present and absent members of the meeting, the reasons for absenteeism are not recorded). If the pedagogical Council met the unplanned, on a specific topic, specify the number of the Protocol, the subject of the meeting.
Then with a red line down the agenda, where the precise topics of all matters, arranging them in paragraphs. You can also write the names of the persons preparing the main report on the issues.
The next step is the main narrative - the largest by volume. It reflects the immediate content of the meeting, so briefly scan every performance (in chronological order according to the agenda, indicating the positions and names of speakers, as well as Express remarks and comments that reflect the essence of the question. Recording the main part of the Protocol, select only the most meaningful comments, not to stretch to infinity, the volume of the document.
The last stage of the complete signatures of the persons certifying the correctness of the Protocol of the pedagogical Council. Protocols signed by the Director, as he is the Chairman of the meeting (or his Deputy, in the absence of the first), and a Secretary selected at the beginning of the school year.