You will need
  • a phone, a computer, a program for the conservation of calls.
Type in a staff of professionals who have worked with managers in the salesof am and have good reviews from previous jobs.
Distribute portions of the city, region or country (depending on what regions you're working) between employees. Everyone should be responsible for their territory and not to touch clients of another Manager.
The map division of the city into sections
Conduct regular training and certification on knowledge of product and methods of sales. At least once in 6 months to arrange the examination for all employees. If the Manager does not pass the exam, you can fire him. This will give incentive to the rest of the staff for better quality work. Never dismiss from more than 30% of the team - it could face a decline in sales until, until you find a replacement.
Set the minimum plan amount of sales (it should not be too high). Reduce wages for those who have not complied with it during the reporting period, and increase for those who achieved the best results.
Install strict accountability for the work performed. Better if all calls and meetings managers will bring to the table, one a graph which will count the results. Such records should be turned in weekly not daily to better see the result.
Report example <b>sales</b>am
Monitor telephone conversations of employees. It is better to install a program, fixing and keeping all calls. Disassemble the causes of failures for each case.
Once a year give out a major prize to the most effective employee. It will be a good incentive and will not allow the team to relax.
Throw a corporate holiday, at least every few months. This will unite the team.
How to organize <em></em> <strong>Department</strong> <b>sales</b>
Monitor free time managers. 90% of the work day, a worker must spend in meetings, otherwise a good result will be difficult to achieve. Managers, sales should not engage in extraneous matters. To configure the computer, order office supplies and deliver the documents shall other employees. Make it so that the only task of the Department of sales was to sell.
Inform that at the beginning of each month, staff must provide a plan of sales. It is, of course, will be very approximate, but will help at least a little to assess the coming month. Making final plans for the future, human factors and slightly reduce the expected number of sales.
Provide employees with quality items for work. For example, a phone, a connection which periodically disappears, can cause the failure of the transaction. And obsolete computer increases costs over time.