You will need
  • Information on sales in previous years.
Get information about the work of the division in all previous years. The fuller it is, the easier it is to prepare its analysis. Draw a graph that will reflect the results in years and months. Write separately the average sales volume for each month of the past years. Ie you will need to specify on average, how many sold goods for January, February, March, and so on.
Find out what was the connection between the increase and decrease in sales previously. This may be due to seasonality, human factors, crisis, dismissal of employees, or anything else. All these factors will need to be reflected in the plan of development for the next month.
Analyze the work of the Department. Structure feature for each employee. In it, describe the work performed for the month; the quantity of cold calls, meetings, contracts. Calculate approximately how many new contracts he will be able to conclude in the next reporting period. Calculate the average for the Department indicator.
Work with this indicator. If your product has seasonality, then subtract or add to it the required amount of interest (it can be taken from the analysis of previous years). Then calculate the profits that will bring these contracts. Subtract from this amount, about 25%. This will be your insurance for unforeseen situations. If someone from staff is going on vacation, the amount will need to do even less.
Relate the sales plan with capabilities of the firm. Stock may not always be the right amount of product. Providers also can disrupt your clear schedule. All of this should be taken into account and recorded in the development plan.
Discuss with subordinates the result. Perhaps they will be able to add something. Enter deadlines. Divide the result by weeks, to be able to adjust the plan if something goes wrong. Approve the development plan for the sales leadership.