You will need
  • - appropriate room;
  • comfortable and aesthetic furniture;
  • - information stands;
  • - literature on various aspects of pedagogy;
  • - own methodical development of teachers;
  • toys and benefits;
  • - technical training.
Select an appropriate room. Room for methodical study of the kindergarten usually provided by the project. In additional education institutions, schools and departments of education managers often have to decide where the methodology center. This should be a fairly large room that suits your requirements of fire safety. Decide whether you will use it for staff meetings, or any other room. In the first case, in the methodical study should be freely available for all educators.
Design start with painting the walls. Light walls create a happy calm mood. Use cream, beige, pink. Cool colors is not very appropriate.
Very important role plays the choice of furniture. Think about what wardrobes will suit you the most. You can use sectional or wall cabinets, hanging shelves. They must be in the same style. Literature and manuals place so that teachers were comfortable to take them. Keep in mind that visual AIDS and didactic materials will gradually accumulate, so shelf space should be slightly larger than needed at the moment.
For practitioner put a normal Desk. Purchase several coffee tables. They are multi-functional. They can organize exhibitions of new literature, new didactic games, etc., Decide on what is more convenient to sit to the teachers during consultations and meetings. Put a few chairs, a sofa. Should be a few spare chairs.
Decorate the wall. In the methodical study or beside him in the corridor must be an information stand. It educators will find the schedule of consultations, schedule of classes in music and sports hall, the decision of teachers ' meeting, announcements of upcoming seminars, lists of new literature and other relevant information. Make a few more stands. On one you can post photos about the life of the kindergarten, on the other — an exhibition of children's drawings. Do not forget to regularly change the materials.
Think of a place for mini-exhibitions. In the methodical Cabinet of appropriate exhibition of children's crafts new methodological developments, materials for the holidays. You can take such expositions a few shelves.
Place technical training. In the methodical Cabinet are all kinds of projectors, television and radio viewing and listening of children's programs. In many gardens there are already computers and modern multimedia equipment. Place it so that, for example, the presentation and the video could see everything in the Cabinet.
Organize benefits In the methodical Cabinet of the stored demos — a series of paintings, toys for surprise points, samples of the benefits that educators can do yourself or with the children, samples of documentation, and more. Organize it all section by section, activity and age.