Sit down and extend your legs forward. Lean back on hands. Flex the first toe towards the heel, and then on himself. The Shin needs to be strained to the maximum. Do this exercise 10 times for each leg.
Stay in the same position. On one leg fingers tighten in the direction of the body, simultaneously Flex the toes on the other leg in the opposite direction, towards the foot. Lock this position for 15 seconds. Repeat the exercise 5 times.
Take a large Board with a thickness of about 8 cm and attach to the wall. Stand on the edge of the Board with the toe of the left foot, hook right leg and encircled it around the calf of the left leg. Straining the calf of the left leg, climb and descend as far as you can. When performing exercises hold the wall. Repeat the exercise 10 times for each leg.
Exercises must be performed at least two times a day. You can gradually add repetitions. For best results, you can do Cycling. In addition, while through exercises you will not achieve the desired result, all the flaws you can hide with clothes. To hide the lack will help boots with mini-skirt, flared trousers, colorful tights with large geometry, and the like.
The most extreme solution to the curvature of the legs is surgery. Usually, it is performed by using the Ilizarov fixator. Though this method is commonly used, the surgery can be very traumatic and can cause serious side effects, up to necrosis of the bone. Fortunately, the doctors schedule surgery very rare. And if it is possible to avoid high-risk use other ways to solve the problem. Remarkable results are obtained by the simulator. But even if you have no opportunity to buy it, don't despair. The above-described exercises help to achieve a good result.