You will need
  • Incense
  • Coal
  • The censor
  • Lamp
  • "Spider"
The first method of kindling the incenseand coal. To do this, take the coal, to kindle it. But in any case do not put the incense on glowing red charcoal. First, you need the coal to cool slightly. To do this, wait 10-15 minutes until the coal covered with ashes. After that you can put on it frankincense.
The second method is the incense lit in the censer. It is necessary to heat the coal to a gas or electric stove red-hot, it is better to heat the coals on two sides. For convenience, you can use a large tweezer or forceps. Then the hot coal to put in the censer, and around him gently spread out the pieces of the incenseand close the lid.
If you do not have censers, but there are oil lamps, you can ignite incense in the "spider". "Spider" is a special metal cap on the lamp. First, you need to light the lamp, then it is placed stand. On the stand is placed a piece of incense.
If your incense is not pieces and powder, you must be the incense to break up into small pieces.
Once the stand is heated by the wick of the lamps, the incense begins to exude a gentle aroma. It should be noted that Voskresenie incenseand the stand is longer, and the flavor is thinner, so the temperature under the spider below than coal.
If the incense in the stand not wasurenaide - check whether the lamp goes out. This can be in the following cases:
1. Could be a bad oil. Buy vaseline, it's better than burning.
2. In the bad lamp wick made from unnatural materials. A fuse can be replaced by a piece of bandage.
3. Too thick a wick fitting tightly in the hole and not giving up on it. To resolve this problem, you need to pull a few threads from the wick so that the wick moved to float quite freely.
If you don't have incense, but you want to feel the atmosphere of the temple, you will get a special incense candle. They are called "nuns". Used in their manufacture incense, aromatic components of coal.