Light the candles all together, the beam, and set next to the iconostasis or in the red corner at home. Jerusalem candles can be used in the same way as regular Church. They are made by monks in the Holy land of Jerusalem on the day of resurrection are lit from the Holy fire, and then extinguished. Thus, the beam of the Jerusalem candle contains a tiny piece of land on which the Miracle of Resurrection and a little bit of the Holy fire. While Jerusalem candles are lit, say a prayer and thank the Lord for all that he does for you.
Many people think that Jerusalem candles can be lit exclusively for Easter. This is not so. Of course, Easter is the time when the hearts of believers around the world blooms with love and joy, so it is customary to light on this day candles, pray and fill the heart even more awe, but you can light a candle in Jerusalem and other religious holidays. The solemnity of the moment does not have to influence the choice of candles, just as true faith does not necessarily require the highest monetary sacrifice or strict fasting and bodily torture. If you feel the need to light a candle and pray even in the most ordinary day, it is always possible to do so. And Jerusalem candles in this sense from the ordinary Church candles absolutely no different.
In the beam of Jerusalem, 33 candles of a thin candle, the number of earth years of Christ. Traditionally, they are lit all at once, but this is not an absolute rule. If there is such a need or want to use candles as long as possible, divide them and light one. A burning candle represents the faith and eternal life, so no matter how you light a candle in Jerusalem. Most importantly, do this with prayer and reverence.