When choosing a ergo backpack consider the weight of the child. In a baby Bjorn the baby will be walking, yet alone will not go legs, so the backpack has to withstand more than 10 kg.
The child in the backpack can sit in different ways. Trying on the carrier, try the position "front", "rear", "side". For newborns, choose backpacks with a special insert to carry your baby in the lying position. Different positions of the baby in the ergo the backpack will help the mother not get tired during long walks or cleaning the house, and the baby– to look around from different angles.
The straps have an ergonomic backpack must be of sufficient length to carry enough for all the time hand period child. They are easily adjusted to the desired size of the backpack and the baby to carry not hanging on mom, he pressed tightly to her. Also, they set the backpack on the width to "grow" with the baby. The straps on the ergo, the backpack should not be rigid and narrow, they should not squeeze or RUB her mother's shoulders. Belt carry is desirable to have a wide to remove the extra load from the lower back.
Attaching ergonomic backpack should be sturdy and reliable. They can serve as hooks, latches or fasteners-fastex. Only these, not buttons and Velcro, to guarantee the safety of your baby to carry. Preferably, the fasteners located on the front or side carry for the convenience of parents. Also on ergo-backpacks must be duplicated straps that will save the baby from accidentally undoing the clasps.
Seat baby carrying should be broad from knee to knee of the child, passing under his ass. If the child does not walk, it is necessary that his ass was below his knees. This physiological position of your baby, which will not harm his health. A narrow seat, as in old carrying kangaroo impairs blood flow in the baby's legs, bends his spine and deform the pelvis.
The materials from which sew a carrier, should be natural, safe, non-harmful dyes. Have a good backpack when you wash color does not fade, and he was not deformed. Do not buy a carrier of synthetic material, in which the child will be sweating profusely and, as a result, cranky. The inner layer of the backpack must be made of natural, soft and breathable fabric. Handy if carrying on the back is mesh for ventilation. This mesh baby will be comfortable even in the hottest summer. If the child is asleep, it is convenient to have on the backpack is a special hood that would cover it from prying eyes and keep your head.
From optional, but extremely useful accessories for ergo-backpacks it can be noted pockets for small things (pacifiers, bottles, handkerchiefs), protective cloaks against rain or wind, hooks for keys or pockets for mobile phone mother.
When buying an ergonomic backpack for toddler be sure to try it with your child. Baby carrying is obliged to sit close to his mother, but the mother should be comfortable. You can choose to carry with parallel straps, and cross. Choosing a backpack with parallel straps, see that they were connecting straps. This will protect against accidental falling of the straps from the shoulder.