This fabric carrier is convenient and safe. It can be used even for newborn babies.

What fabric is suitable for sling-scarf

The best material for this fixture is stretch-free natural fabric. On summer perfect cotton, linen, cotton, calico, viscose. The fabric should be loose and soft. This allows it to lie comfortably on the shoulders without cutting into the skin and follow the contours of the body. For winter it is recommended to purchase fleece, wool, or bike. An acceptable option would be a pre-emptive knit cotton content.

Overall, when choosing fabric, you should carefully pick the colors. Neutral light shades will suit any closet, but a bright cloth with large pictures of not everyone will have to face.

Be sure to take into account the fact that the natural fabric is reduced after the first wash, that is the intended size of sling you need to add 3-5% or wash the material before the reveal. The fabric should be pliable.

Sling-scarf visually is a long strip of cloth. With small variations in its width can be equal to 70 cm, and the length is from 4.8 to 5 meters. This applies to moms up to size 50. Large dimensions will require a fabric with a length of 5.5 m. in addition, you can use the formula, when the clothing size puts the zero. The number, which turned out, is yardage fabric length in inches.

A phased process of creating a sling-scarf

Initially, you want to cut the fabric the desired shape. This may be a rectangle, a parallelogram, "the spindle" - a rectangle with tapering to the edges, a rectangle with rounded ends. The choice of form depends on the preferences of the young mother how comfortable she would tie a sling with a broad end, or prefer a more elegant ties.

The edge of the product should be processed on the sewing machine. Basically the similar procedure is made on the serger. Sew some bent edges, masters decorate the fabric with zigzag.

When the sling-a scarf sewn from separate pieces, it is necessary to carefully handle butt seams with double stitching. In the time spent inside must from time to time to check the strength of joints to increase the level of safety of the child.

Ready sling needs a gentle wash, after which you will need to iron it with a warm iron. If desired, the sling can be placed appliques, embroidery sew on mounts for a slicker.