You will need
  • - a cotton cloth of a selected color, - sewing,
  • - threads for ties
  • - gum,
  • Velcro.
Ninjutsu is an art that is based on stealth. But, contrary to stereotypes, black costume creation was used very rarely. Most ninja sewed work clothes from a fabric from dark brown to light ash colors. This form is called the Shinobi Shizoku, which means the cloak of darkness. The costume of the ninja consists of several things. Clothing set made from cotton fabric. It needs to absorb moisture well, and just to be pleasant to the touch.
The kit includes:
-headband similar to a scarf;
-single jacket;
-gloves with a loop for your finger;
-pants with drawstring.
Very often, this set adds a hood that is attached to the jacket.
First sew the pants. Need a normal, straight. Instead of a belt, you can insert the elastic. Each leg sew space for a drawstring under the knee and at the ankle. Thread prepared for this thread. Next, sew the jacket, optional you can add a hood. To do this, clear measurements: the sleeve length, shoulder length, determine how long it should be. Make a pattern and connect details. You do not need any frills and decorations. Remember, you are doing a jacket for the invisible man. You can then do small parts of clothing: belt and gloves-pads. Optionally, you can make a mask for the face. Nothing special in it. Sew from fabric a small rectangle. Its size should be such that it covered not only the face from nose to chin but also the neck. The mask can be attached to the hood or head bandage.