First and foremost, take the top part of the costume mask. It is easiest to make in papier-mache. Crumple large sheet of foil into a ball about the size of your head. The lower part of the ball do flat, pinning it to the table. Large piece sculpted of clay, knead in the hands, and then roll out to a thickness of 1-1,5 see
Apply a layer on the head and start molding the mask. First fingers form a "cap" – part masks, which will cover the back and front down to his forehead. Then vilaite the front part, repeating the shape of the eye and the nose. You can make a mask and long, but in this case, you may be uncomfortable to wear.
Remove the plasticine billet and slide it onto the foil balloon. Trim edges of the mask front and back, cutting the outline with a utility knife. Narva little pieces of thin white paper. Lay it on the mask layers, in turn dampening the paper with white glue, then with water. Try as much as possible to follow the shape of the workpiece to the mask perfectly fit your face. For durable papier-mache will be enough 8-9 layers of paper. Leave the mask to dry at least a day.
Meanwhile, prepare the other parts of the costume of the alien. As a basis you need a turtleneck and leggings or skinny pants. Their color should match your views on the appearance of the alien – select the traditional green suit or unlike lilac, orange, etc.
Collect 10-15 unwanted CDs with a mirror surface. Chop them into pieces the size of 1-2 cm pre-wrap each disc in a thick cloth, and then break it with your hands, pliers or a hammer.
Draw a sketch of the patterns on the suit. Therefore, the sketch will share the "mirror" pieces, attaching each piece with the glue gun. Complete the drawing suit painting with paints for fabric. Purchase one or two matching colours with metallic effect and a synthetic brush draw the missing elements of a pattern.
Purchase acrylic paint in the color of the suit. Paint it part of the mask without affecting the area below the eyebrows. On this part a different color (e.g., dark metal) draw the large eyes of an alien. If desired, glue the mask to the remaining mirror shards. At eye level in the mask make two small holes.
To give the unearthly hands, buy gloves suitable colour for a couple of sizes bigger than your size of the brush. The free part of the fingers in the glove will fill with foam. If you plan to use the suit in a warm room, replace gloves, face paint, evenly applied on the hands. They can also paint the neck and face.