You will need
  • - large sheets of cardboard,
  • - Whatman,
  • - scissors,
  • - glue,
  • - Scotch
  • - paint and markers
  • - rubber gloves
  • - small pieces of fabric.
Costume transformer refers to those which are almost impossible to find in the store. So cook it yourself. In virtue of its originality suit better to sew, and to make cardboard and other similar materials.
Of sheets of drawing paper make patterns and assemble eight rectangular prisms, one of which will be to the head, and, accordingly, it should be the biggest. But remember, the head should not hang out in this prism. Four long prisms hand, which must cover the entire surface of the hand to the wrist, which will be rubber gloves. The other four are for the legs. One to the knee, and the second from the knee to the ankle. On opposite sides of the prisms for the hands and feet make holes through which you will be able to put his feet and hands. In the prism head the holes in adjacent sides for the neck and face, and small holes for ears.
For the torso, make the workpiece, like on the cover of the thick book. She will be worn to the side and stick up tape on the child.
Connect the prism to the hands and feet are fabric strips that you could not see his knees and elbows, attach these strips to the paper with tape.
In order that the costume was not a one-off and not broke during the fitting or performance, carefully treat all joints with glue and insure with tape.
Take the markers and paints and start painting a transformer. Remember that will be much more beautiful if all the parts you will paint in different colors in sequence. Imagine what can become your hero and put it in color.
Don't forget to put on the rubber gloves idea of the proper color, and also pick the right shoes.
Your transformer is ready. Left to take care of the face. It's the only part of the body that is hidden. Select special paint in order to tint the skin around the eyes, nose, cheeks. You can draw any pattern or just to give the face an unusual color that will blend with the colors of the costume.