You will need
  • - detector;
  • - scrap;
  • - shovel;
  • - probe (poke).
Start searching for coins with finding and exploring potentially interesting areas. According to experts-hunters, the most likely places to find ancient coins are: high river banks, shallow water, river bottoms, lakeshores, slopes and bottom of ravines, hills, abandoned houses, foundations of destroyed houses, plots covered with ceramic shards of the earth, the place where once found ancient coins.
Visit the archive, examine antique maps, find out where since ancient times there were settlements of people, places, ancient fairs, trade routes, etc. It will be the most the right place to search.
If you have a metal detector, it is more convenient to engage in "treasure hunting" in pairs. Divide the study plot into rectangles and thoroughly check each of them. One should go with the detector, in this case the smooth passage of the rings so that the following movement of the detector is half-overlapped area of the previous one.
Hearing a characteristic signal, begin to scrape the top layer of grass. Carefully breaking up the clods of earth. Then move the ring of the metal detector to the ground as possible and shake them from side to side. The signal must increase. If he disappeared, check – perhaps it was a reaction to a small piece of foil. If the signal is still strong, dig very carefully so as not to damage and not lose a coin.
But if you don't have special equipment (quite expensive) as a metal detector, nothing. There are many places where you can find old coin and without it. For example, in abandoned and destroyed houses.
In buildings coins can be hidden on purpose or lost accidentally. Once in the house, pay attention to the floor. Coins can be found right under your feet. According to tradition, at village weddings threw the trifle, which was stuck between the floorboards. Next, check the Windows and window sills. Underneath frequently made hiding places. Coins can "hide" in the red corner, where traditionally hung icons. In the destroyed houses, you should check the Foundation, in corners of the house definitely laid the money for wealth and prosperity.