You will need
  • scenery;
  • camera;
  • a group of like-minded people
To remove the clip, you need to be patient. To begin, select the song for which you will prepare a mini-movie. Then sit down and carefully work with a script. It is important that the picture in the clipe consistent with, or at least symbolized all what written the song. Shall describe the scenario with a detailed storyboard: what should go, how long will the pieces live.
Once you develop a scenario, start preparing the scenery. Consider their selection so that they can match the overall concept of the video. For example, if you plan to shoot models, which like wind-develop hair, you will need a conventional fan. Of course, don't forget to invite your friends=activists.
It would be nice if you had the extra coverage. If not, it is better to think about shooting on the street. The option of creating a clipand is much low cost than the one that lifted in the room.
How to remove music <strong>clip</strong>
To the singer in the clipe hit all the notes and not opened my mouth in the wrong place, it is best to produce images at the included soundtrack. It will be easier to avoid any mistakes. To shoot good video, you need to have you among the friends was a man who, though little versed in working with the camera, the one who knows how to push the buttons, work with focus, and with arrivals/departures, as well as having good artistic taste. Shooting your imagination to restrict should not be, the visuals can be anything, as long as it was in the General concept of the song.
How to remove music <strong>clip</strong>
Don't forget to consider your makeup. It is very important to clipe singer looked beautiful and neat. It is also very important to take care of cassettes. They will need plenty of because the takes may be repeated in order to select the best of them. And be sure to shoot a clipand you have a good mood, because, without a certain courage is unlikely that anything worthwhile will happen. After shooting is finished, will just have to mount your masterpiece, apply a soundtrack. And you can put it on public display.
How to remove music <strong>clip</strong>