Why record video?

To begin to answer the question – why do the users need to record a video on your computer? The first option is to record videoprohozhdenie game to show off to friends an interesting game situation, or as you go through the game on hard difficulty level. Most of these videos then upload to Youtube. To record this kind of video just need a special program to capture the video (and microphone, if you want to comment on something).

All other options possible through the web camera. Today this camera is almost every user that has access to the Internet. For example, you can record from home concert, as you yourself (or with friends) playing guitar. Using web cameras can also record various webinars, online lectures, video tutorials, video tutorials, etc for this user and record their video, and then share impressions and emotions via the Internet, teaching online, etc.

But in addition to programs to capture video in high quality also need a good microphone and special software to record high-quality audio simultaneously with the video. There are also programs that can record sound separately, and then overlay it on the video track.

For video recording programs there is a button that says "Capture video" or something like that. Also there you can specify to remove the computer desktop or video from your webcam, or both that, and another. You can also comment on the microphone of your actions.

After recording a video program is also able to edit the entry. You can add some effects to make beautiful transitions, cut unwanted fragments of video, clean sound, or add background music. After that, the file is saved on your computer and you can post it on the Internet. Some programs instead of saving the file to your computer, just post videos on the Internet and give the user a ready link to view or download.

Remove microphone noise

While viewing recorded video, you may find that the microphone hisses. There are several possible causes. The first is a bad sound card, and the background comes from it. In this case, you will have to buy a new sound card, it will be enough and external. The second reason is a cheap microphone that Shine by itself. Here you can either fix it (perhaps he has problems with contacts) or buy a new, better microphone.

Although from a small background can be removed using software. It does not need to record audio simultaneously with video. Better to record it separately and then filter the noise by using the effect "noise Removal". And then to superimpose a sound on video. Even if the microphone were radioactive after this treatment, the sound quality will still be great.