You will need
  • - professional camera;
  • - program for video editing.
For the filming of the clip, first you'll need a video camera. To take high-quality clip-on appliances will not work, so the equipment will have to buy that cheap, or rent. As an example, a good PA can allow the camera Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Canon EOS 7D.
Remember that you first need to record high-quality audio track under which you will be creating visuals. To do the opposite is impossible. Next, you need to come up with a script of the video. In the first stage, think of it style, the main used effects. Keep in mind the capabilities of your existing equipment. So, if you want camera movement, you will also need a slider is a small rail on which the moving camera. In any case, to remove from hands it is impossible, so you will definitely need a tripod. Very good if you will have the opportunity to shoot with two cameras from different angles.
After the General concept of the video, write down on a sheet of paper in a column the text of the song and put it second-by-second timing. Then, focusing on the timing, in seconds, shall describe what should happen in the frame. As a result, you get the camera script.
Clip is removed in accordance with steps a small overlapping pieces during Assembly on the computer you will cut them and connect. When writing the passages, it is important that the performers "were" sounding soundtrack. The more accurate and more researched script, the easier it will be to shoot.
The mounting clip is made using special programs. Suitable tools quite a lot, try Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 12 (Full version) or Adobe Premiere Pro CS3. And there is a professional program for Mac OS - Final Cut Pro X. It is on a computer you collect the removed passages in a single piece clip, add subtitles.
Clip down, place it on the available platforms, namely, on its website, resources,, Send your creation and music channels, for example, A1 and O2, do not forget about MTV-Russia.