As a rule, pacifier use if the child gets nervous, whining, worrying. If all the factors that could cause such a condition - a dirty diaper, hunger, cold, etc. are excluded, mothers give kids a pacifier, and they are sucking on her, slowly falling asleep.

However, not all the dummy turns out to be useful. It also happens that children become dependent on it. Also hard enough accustomed to a nipple babies are weaning ourselves off it. At such moments, young mothers particularly need any objects or things that can replace much-needed accessory.

Adherents of breastfeeding believe that it is better the female breast is nothing. You need to give up the nipple in favor of the mother's breast. Some women like this option. However, those who have children are categorized as "active suckers", is this approach too heavy. The child simply will not come off the breast either day or night. And not always at the time of sucking he will be hungry.

Sometimes it is recommended to just use a favorite toy. This is especially a good option if you are going to wean from the nipples already quite a rising child. You can negotiate with him, instead of a dummy he will now fall asleep with a new friend. Perhaps the child this fact from the first day to take not want and will demand their pacifier back, but just a couple of days it will get used.

Infants can change the nipple rubber toys. Especially good for these purposes, rabbits with long ears, because they can be fairly easy to stuff in your mouth and scratch your gums. Mom's job in this case to monitor the cleanliness and relative sterility of such a comforting subject. It must be periodically washed with hot water to disinfect.

Some parents, at the urging of older relatives, instead of dummy can use a piece of bacon or mashed into crumbs cookies wrapped in a napkin. Of course, for babies up to one month are unacceptable. And for children older age the benefits of these "nipple" is quite questionable.