Congratulations to the new family

As often happens congratulations to the newlyweds? Usually guests take the microphone and start to speak standard phrases, or recite the verses from the cards. Congratulating nervous and stammers guests are bored and distracted. But all at once inspired, if you can hear and see a vivid, funny, unusual congratulation, prepared and rehearsed the most resourceful and enterprising friends.

How unusual and fun way to congratulate the newlyweds

To greetings memorable for the bride and groom for a long time, think ahead about how it will look. You can use one of the suggested ideas.

Beat the love story of the newlyweds. It is possible to present to the audience a small play or improvised performance, depicting the happy moments of the lives of the young.

Redo the well-known tale or song, individualizarea for her newfound family. A song you can sing, and can be a expression read to the audience.

Make a selection of funny photos of the bride and groom and show them all the guests on the big screen, fun and good-natured image commenting and adding suggestions.

How funny and unusual to give money

Most often the wedding as gift giving money. This process can be fun to beat.

Be sure to pre-rehearse the exit. All participants must believe that the dishes actually crashed.

Find the box of old Cutlery or a tea set and pre-fill it with broken glass. At the time of the gift presentation pretend you stumble, toss at the same box, to hear the clatter of dishes. Open the box with a terrified and upset. Then remove from the pocket of the envelope with the money and handed the young with the words that fate destined them to choose their own tea set.

Wish the bride and groom to their every day accompanied by a Golden rain and hand in this case, each umbrella-cane. Be sure to ask family couple immediately to try out the gifts. As soon as the umbrella opens, at the bride and groom will fall bills.
Pre-attach banknotes to the spokes of the umbrella by means of threads.

Buy a real safe in which the bride and groom in the future will be able to keep money or other valuables. Complete the safe cash gifts give the couple. At the same time say to the newly married that they learn code just for the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the wedding so there was a good reason to live together for many years.

Imaginative and creative ideas, thinking through the greeting. But however this plays out, the most important thing is the sincere smiles on the faces of friends, the joy of a couple and wishes them a happy family life.