You will need
  • - two sheets of sanded plywood size 1525х1525 mm, thickness 15-20 mm,
  • four Board thickness 25 mm,
  • - two bars 3 m long with a cross section of 50x50 mm.
Start work on a table with the manufacture of the rigid frame 220х120 see
In the middle frame place a wooden crossbar. Then the corners of the frame fasten the legs of the table are the same length, using screws and carpenter's glue. Make sure the legs are installed symmetrically to each other, and the table stands firmly on the floor or on the ground. Treat the frame and the legs of the table special antiseptic impregnation on wood.
Countertop made of prepared plywood. Cut sheets of plywood to 137 cm on one side and then on the lower side reinforce both leaves are hooks with which you will be able to fix the sheets to each other. For strength, screw a plywood top to the frame with screws and corners for furniture. The surface of the plywood grind with a grinding machine and then Polish and clean from dust and dirt.
Cover the countertop with antiseptic for wood in several layers, waiting for drying of each layer and otshlifovyvaya each layer with sandpaper. Get the maximum hard and smooth surface of the countertop to a table tennis table meets all the game requirements.
Treating the countertop, install a tennis net, which you can buy in a sporting goods store with the help of clamps. The top edge of the mesh should match the height of 152,5 mm. Set the grid exactly in the middle of the table at the junction of the plywood sheets. Tennis table is ready.