You'll need two sheets of brushed high grade plywood of standard size with a thickness of 15-20 mm. This thickness will provide sufficient rigidity of the table. The size of a standard table should be 274х152,5 see in Addition to the two sheets of plywood, prepare four boards with a thickness of about 25 mm and two bars 50x50 mm three-meter length. To accommodate a table have the room size is not less than 5x8 meters with a smooth and durable floor on which players will be able to move freely. Height of table from floor to table top should be 76 cm
For a start make the frame for the table bar in the middle size 220х120 cm, and then secure the corners of the frame legs of the table using carpenter's glue and screws. The legs must be identical and strictly perpendicular to the frame table, so it subsequently does not wobble and are not swayed.
Cover the frame of the table with antiseptic impregnation on wood. To the frame install the two sheet of plywood directly to the top of the future table tennis table. Cut the sheets at one side to 137 cm, and then secure on the bottom of the plywood sheets hooks, with which they connect in the middle.
Also the sheets can be joined using wooden dowels inserted into drilled in the ends of the hole. Screw the countertop to the frame with screws, and the bottom will strengthen the design of metal furniture parts.
Thoroughly abrade the surface of the table, Polish it with fine emery paper, vacuum impregnated and antiseptic. After the first two layers of antiseptic the surface of the table sand and then apply two or three layers.
Achieve maximally flat and smooth table surface to play for him was successful and enjoyable. The mesh of the court purchase separately at a sports store and secure it with the clamps in the middle of the table at the junction of the sheets of plywood so that the top edge of the grid were located at the height 152,5 mm.