Advice 1: How to make a table tennis table

Among the different sports games are very popular game isa capital tennis – enjoy playing both children and adults, and this game perfectly develops physically, not to mention the fact that it brings players a lot of pleasure and positive emotions. Usually to play atthe capital tennis people rent tables on the courts or in sports clubs, but if you make table tennis on their own, you will be able to play atthe capital tennis at any time.
How to make a table tennis table
You'll need two sheets of brushed high grade plywood of standard size with a thickness of 15-20 mm. This thickness will provide sufficient rigidity of the table. The size of a standard table should be 274х152,5 see in Addition to the two sheets of plywood, prepare four boards with a thickness of about 25 mm and two bars 50x50 mm three-meter length. To accommodate a table have the room size is not less than 5x8 meters with a smooth and durable floor on which players will be able to move freely. Height of table from floor to table top should be 76 cm
For a start make the frame for the table bar in the middle size 220х120 cm, and then secure the corners of the frame legs of the table using carpenter's glue and screws. The legs must be identical and strictly perpendicular to the frame table, so it subsequently does not wobble and are not swayed.
Cover the frame of the table with antiseptic impregnation on wood. To the frame install the two sheet of plywood directly to the top of the future table tennis table. Cut the sheets at one side to 137 cm, and then secure on the bottom of the plywood sheets hooks, with which they connect in the middle.
Also the sheets can be joined using wooden dowels inserted into drilled in the ends of the hole. Screw the countertop to the frame with screws, and the bottom will strengthen the design of metal furniture parts.
Thoroughly abrade the surface of the table, Polish it with fine emery paper, vacuum impregnated and antiseptic. After the first two layers of antiseptic the surface of the table sand and then apply two or three layers.
Achieve maximally flat and smooth table surface to play for him was successful and enjoyable. The mesh of the court purchase separately at a sports store and secure it with the clamps in the middle of the table at the junction of the sheets of plywood so that the top edge of the grid were located at the height 152,5 mm.

Advice 2: How to make table tennis

Among the modern sports that are popular both among adults and among children and adolescents, a particular favourite of many people isthe capital of tennis. Playing atthe capital tennis know and love many, as this game develops reaction time and trains multiple muscle groups. In order to play atthe capital tennis, you must have not only a racket and balls, but also special tennis table. To make such a table can be their own hands – having your own table tennis, you will need to go to the stadium, and be able to play at home at any time.
How to make table tennis
You will need
  • - two sheets of sanded plywood size 1525х1525 mm, thickness 15-20 mm,
  • four Board thickness 25 mm,
  • - two bars 3 m long with a cross section of 50x50 mm.
Start work on a table with the manufacture of the rigid frame 220х120 see
In the middle frame place a wooden crossbar. Then the corners of the frame fasten the legs of the table are the same length, using screws and carpenter's glue. Make sure the legs are installed symmetrically to each other, and the table stands firmly on the floor or on the ground. Treat the frame and the legs of the table special antiseptic impregnation on wood.
Countertop made of prepared plywood. Cut sheets of plywood to 137 cm on one side and then on the lower side reinforce both leaves are hooks with which you will be able to fix the sheets to each other. For strength, screw a plywood top to the frame with screws and corners for furniture. The surface of the plywood grind with a grinding machine and then Polish and clean from dust and dirt.
Cover the countertop with antiseptic for wood in several layers, waiting for drying of each layer and otshlifovyvaya each layer with sandpaper. Get the maximum hard and smooth surface of the countertop to a table tennis table meets all the game requirements.
Treating the countertop, install a tennis net, which you can buy in a sporting goods store with the help of clamps. The top edge of the mesh should match the height of 152,5 mm. Set the grid exactly in the middle of the table at the junction of the plywood sheets. Tennis table is ready.

Advice 3: Rules of table tennis

Currently, table tennis is well-known and very popular sport. For such entertainment does not have age restrictions, not important to prepare the participants and their physical data. The meaning of table tennis are clear: you only need to throw the ball with racket over the net on the table. The rules of the game are quite simple.
Rules of table tennis

What you will need for playing table tennis

Playing table tennis can carry two and four participants. For it will need to find the ball, table, net and 2 bats or go to the gym, specially equipped for this game. The cost can vary, but usually it is small.

Game rules table tennis: what you need to know

Before a game of table tennis players decide who will own the right of first filing. It is often used a lot. Sometimes, however, carried out a series of attacks, the results of which player scored the ball becomes the pitcher. After filing the ball must fly without hitting the net, to get to the enemy and 1 time to bounce, and then it can be repelled.

When flow needs to be together with my racket behind the rear line of the table. If for any reason (usually inexperience) was made to flow with the go or on the table, it is seen as wrong. If the ball when serving, touched the grid or it stands, the supply repeated, but the point is not charged. In addition to the total time of the game, "periodici not restricted.

Immediately after the bounce of the ball, served on the side of the table player, he needs to recapture to the side of the opponent. This is the whole process of table tennis. This game is until until someone of the participants will not be mistaken or he will not be able to hit the ball on the opponent's side. As a rule, beginning players the rounds are very fast, but on the world stage of professional athletes sometimes are truly fierce battles.

For every mistake the player's opponent receives one point. In addition, conditions to obtain the points in table tennis can be:
the reflection of the ball since the summer (not waiting for bounce);
- foul on the pitch;
- your opponent didn't receive the ball;
the reflection of the ball off the table;
- the enemy several times touched the ball when pitching;
the opponent caught the ball on the racket and threw it back to the opponent;
- the opponent touched the net while hitting.

The right to serve shall pass from one player to another every 2 filing.

The rules of the game of table tennis include the victory of the player who managed to score 11 points before your opponent. The margin should be at least 2 points. If in the course of the game the score was equal to 10:10, the participants after each points change right feeder until you beat the opponent by 2 points. After the game the players change sides and the right of first filing. The game itself consists of 5-7 such parties.

Table tennis is very energizing and good for morale. This game has a lot of tricks and techniques. It is also possible the use of professional sports equipment. For example, rackets of various price categories and manufacturers may differ in their parameters, which will necessarily affect the game.

Not surprisingly, more expensive equipment is more preferable, because it allows you to do different tasks and curl, which can and must defeat their opponents right from the first submission.

Advice 4: Where to play table tennis in Moscow

In Moscow, opened dozens of rooms for games like table tennis. Gyms offer professional equipment, quality equipment, group lesson, rental tables and coaching services.
Table tennis in Moscow

Clubs table tennis

In the small sports arena "Luzhniki", the hall №1 is the same table tennis club. Nearby metro station Sportivnaya and Vorobyovy Gory. Visitors can use showers, locker room and snack bar. The club has the opportunity to play tennis with professional coaches. For individual sparring should be recorded in advance by phone 8 (495) 973 77 05. Also in this room you can learn about the cost of renting a table and chart of the operation of the club. Every weekend there are mini-competitions among applicants.

The table tennis club "Naten located at the address: Stromynka street 4, building 1, a 5-minute walk to Sokolniki metro station. Open daily from 10:00 to 22:30. The club hold classes in adult and children's groups. There is an individual workout. You can also rent tables and 1 hour for 350 p. the rental equipment is provided free of charge. Weekly "Nathenje" competitions among Amateurs and professionals table tennis.

The club "Renaissance" for players offers 5 Butterfly tables, changing room, shower, modified the robot simulator. There are group classes for children from 6 years and adults. We are dedicated to sparring. The table should be rented in advance by phone: 8 916 531 12 96.

Where else can you play table tennis

In the sports complex "Frunzenskaya" operating room for table tennis. For indoor play there are five tables Donic. For classes need to have indoor shoes and sports uniforms. For more information, please contact us by phone 8 (499) 242 84 02.

In the Palace of sports "the Commonwealth games in table tennis the Donic table, two tables and three Butterfly table Т2023. Classes for children and adults, services are provided sparring and rent tables. The Palace is located on Novoyasenevsky Prospekt, 3.

Near the metro station Voykovskaya on the street Cosmonaut Volkov is a games room with table tennis "Rustt". The room has floors with a professional finish and table tennis leading brands. Open daily from 11:00 to 23:00. Additionally, you can rent a table robot, table tennis balls and mesh for testing gear. Using a single reference service 8 (499) 159 05 87 advance to reserve a table and find out the prices of services. Administrators of the hall each month are held various competitions.
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