You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • the details of the tax inspection;
  • - a sufficient balance on the current account.
Statement of the fact or other legal entity may need, for example, to check the company or going to court. Pay is also an urgent statement to yourself or other legal entity. The state duty for the usual statement as at 2011 is equal to 200 p, term - 400 rubles to extract any territorial tax inspections, but in the payment documents must be specified exactly in which you are applying and the payment is held strictly to its details. So you should start with the selection of tax inspection in which you plan to apply. The number and the address of the nearest, you can use the service to search on the site FNS of Russia.
The website of the FTS of Russia will also help with the details and create payment document. For this you have to enter the number of the selected inspection in the form proposed to be filled, indicate your legal address or registration by place of residence, if you are an individual, and enter other data as required.
If you go to inspection, which does not serve your address, the system will warn you about it, but nothing serious. So feel free to make a choice in favor of the said inspection. The purpose of the payment select in the proposed drop-down list (will have to look for a long time, but all taxes and state duties it is).
If you make a request on behalf of a legal entity, state duty shall be paid his current account. Otherwise, documents may not take. So choose the option of payment through the Bank. For individuals provided cash payments through Sberbank, and when you select this option, the system will generate a receipt. Prepared payment order or receipt, save it on your computer.
It now remains to pay for what to print and take to Bank (payment order assured by the signature and seal) or, in the case of payment, to upload it to the Bank-client and send for execution by binding a digital signature, then visit the Bank with a paper version of the document to produce a mark on the payment.