Advice 1: How to draw family tree

Genealogical tree is called a graphical diagram depicting the structure of one family or genus. It contains data on the full names of family members, their dates of birth and death and marriage relations. In the old days, this scheme was depicted as a real tree, the roots of which is a single common ancestor, and branches and leaves to his descendants. To build a genealogical tree of his family is not difficult, you only need to have the necessary information about the life of a family and know the principles of the genealogical scheme.
Family tree of British Royal family
You will need
  • information about the life of my family, paper, pencils, pens, markers, ruler, computer software
Draw a family tree, both manually and using computer programs. To create a family tree you will need paper (best to it was the large leaves of the type of drawing paper), pencils, markers and ruler. As well as basic information about life at least three generations of your relatives – parents, grandparents and great-grandparents.
As the most important information requires accurate full names, dates of birth and death. Traditionally, the family tree is always depicted from the bottom up, so that the oldest ancestor was the root of the tree. In practice it is very inconvenient, so modern genealogical diagram is usually drawn from top to bottom.
Preparing all the necessary materials, proceed to the drawing of the diagram. At the top of the sheet, preferably from the left side, write the name, surname and patronymic name of the oldest ancestor known to you. Specify the dates, if known. If you know who married your ancestor, write the name of his wife beside him on the same level and connect both with a dotted line. The dotted line in the genealogical schemes refers to the marriage bond.
Under the names of their ancestors, the founders write in a row the names of their children at a sufficient distance from each other. Do not forget to specify the exact dates of birth and death. Then connect the names of the parents and children a straight line. So you build the next generation series. Next to the names of the descendants include their marital relationships and spouse's names, if known.
Continue to draw a diagram of the generational ranks, until you reach his generation. The diagram can indicate himself, his spouse and their children. If desired, the male persons of your tree can be labelled with a square, female – circle, as is customary in standard genealogical diagrams.
Family tree can be build as well with a variety of computer programs, of which there is now quite a lot. Some of them can be downloaded for free on the Internet. For example, a very convenient widespread program Family Tree Builder. It can be found on the developers website at
This program has a friendly interface and a large database, it also allows in addition to basic information about family members to contribute to the database any additional information in text form. Thus, each family member creates a kind of card that contains the basic, most essential information about his life.

Advice 2 : How to make a tree of family

The science of Genealogy allows us to trace our kinship relationships, learn the history of the genus, to establish new family ties. You need to be prepared for the fact that it is possible to open both pleasant and not so historical events of the kind.
How to make a tree of family

Where better to start? You need to make a family tree.

1. You should go through the family photo albums, and the available documents containing important data, this can be evidence of a different kind of marriage, birth, death of family members. A large amount of useful information can include diplomas, certificates, work books. After what it takes to make copies of these documents and divide them into two groups on the maternal and paternal lines. And it is better if each family member will be opened a separate daddy.

2. Enjoy a collection of information directly from the relatives.

Be sure to record important data in a notebook or on tape, so as not to forget and not to miss the main parts. Thanks to modern technology, you can communicate with relatives who live not close, using the telephone or Internet. All questions should be carefully addressed. Will certainly provide important, search for links, info.

3. If suddenly, for whatever reason, failed to collect the right amount of information from relatives, then you can apply to the files. For this you will need to know all the names and dates of birth, and occupation of the desired characters.

4. When all information is collected, remained using available data, make a tree family.

There are several programming options.

Rising genealogy – when a trunk is the specific person, but the branches symbolize his family, large – family, and small – grandparents, etc.

The downside, on the contrary, means in the barrel of the ancestor, and the branches of this his descendants.

Also used a circular table. In the center is placed the person who is interested in a kind, divide the circle into two parts, each of which enter the data about the ancestors on the maternal and paternal lines.

For lovers the availability and simplicity, it is possible to use the genealogical table in which each generation is on its line that needs to be filled in order of seniority from left to right.

Each of the presented options, can be issued in accordance with the scope of your imagination. For example, the tree can be colored, as is done in the West. Each color can conceal information about children and family status of the person. Different geometric shapes can give information about male and female representatives of the genus.

For example, consider the most detailed option called ancestry painting.

Thus, the most distant of our ancestors is No. 1 the first degree. And so on, the first specified number of fathers and mothers, then the number of the child.

For example:

I knee

1. Nikita

II knee

1.1. Alexander (had no children)

1.2. Sergey Nikitovich

1.3. Svetlana N.

1.4. Andrei Nikitovich

III knee

1.2.1. the first child of Sergei - Olga

1.2.2. the second child of Sergey Morozova

1.3.1. the first child Svetlana - Alexander

1.3.2. the second child Svetlana, Anna

1.4.1. the first child of Andrew, Anastasia

1.4.2. the second child of Andrew, Michael

IV knee

Children of all representatives III knee the first child of Olga - Jeanne

And so on according to the scheme

You can also note the information available about each family member.

Through genealogy, you will be able to combine family is one hobby that will allow you with interest to spend leisure time and learn a lot about his kind.


Advice 3 : How to make a family tree of his family

Strange trend was common some time ago – people were in the pedigrees of the dogs with the utmost care, while about the history of his family tried to remain silent. It is connected with the political system of Russia of last years, when it was not common to talk about who were the ancestors. Now there is an opportunity to recreate your family tree.
How to make a family tree of his family
The first source in order to begin research, is the home archive of old photographs and documents, employment records, marriage certificates, birth certificates, diplomas, and certificates. With all documents clear photocopies, and the originals put back, so as not to lose valuable information. Divide all data into two folders: the relatives on the paternal and on the maternal side. For each person you collect information in a separate file. So you will not get entangled in the intricacies of relationships.
In every family there are legends about what happened in the life of the family, at least two or three generations. To interview relatives, thought-out list of questions in advance will not be difficult if you find yourself, or organize a festive meal or an evening of memories. In a situation when you are unable to record information on paper, is better to use a recorder, so you do not miss a single detail, because people can kill each other, complementing the story. Remember, how are called the degree and be prepared to hear interesting stories.
But the knowledge of the relatives was not always complete and exhaustive. If you want to know about their ancestors more, but to tell you that no one, perhaps, when you do the initial research, you will help in the archive. But for this you must know the name, patronymic and surname, year and place of birth of the person about whom you want information.
Draw a family tree can, in imitation of European traditions, which were spread slightly. Most often, the trunk of the tree meant ancestor, and which branches of his descendants living today. Sometimes the trunk means one who conducts research and which branches of his ancestors.
How to make a family tree - nowadays more and more people begin to think about this question. What gives this tree? First, you will know their relatives, and secondly, learn the history of your kind. How to make a family tree of sorts. It should be noted immediately: making a family tree is not always ends with admiration for its authors.
Useful advice
Perhaps in the collections of large regional libraries have special genealogical reference books, at least those that are issued or reissued in the last decade. Of course, the best studied and described the genealogy of noble families of the Russian Empire, but much more often, However, we have to go to the archives with a written request, which also need to be able to properly prepare. Addresses of archives can be obtained, for example, the site of Rosarkhiv (skills online), you can look up the address in...

Advice 4 : How to make my family

It probably wouldn't be a misconception that every person at some stage of his life start to be interested in the story of his family. Despite the fact that now few people know something about their distant relatives, the interest of family relations begins to increase significantly. Create pedigrees today it is even fashionable, with the result that there is a huge number of TV shows about the history of surnames, as well as agencies and Internet sites, to assist all those wishing to restore the history of his family.
How to make my family
But be sure to seek the services of companies to create their own lineage, because their work is, of course, will not be free, and thus there is no guarantee that you will get true genealogical tree of your family? Of course you can do this yourself, the more that lesson is really interesting.
So, you decided to establish his ancestry. Where to start? First and foremost, of course, it is better to appeal to the most senior relatives, because who else will they be able to tell you about all the family connections and relationships.
In addition, it is useful in compiling a genealogy is to study old family photos, documents and letters, from which you can learn a lot.
To organize all of the collected about relatives information, you can use a family tree diagram consisting of rectangles or circles with the names of relatives, connected between themselves in accordance with kinship ties. you can start the tree with the oldest ancestors known to you, gradually moving from them to younger generations, but is likely to be easier to restore this relationship, starting with yourself and moving to their parents, grandmothers and great-grandmothers.
Because all the information on the family tree you fit will fail and lose her mind, you can make individual cards for each of the relatives listed in the scheme.
The more time you dedicate to creating his pedigree, the greater becomes your family tree, the clearer it will be for you all related communications between members of your family. The resulting scheme together with the individual cards, you can beautifully arrange and place them in a family archive, in order for the family tree continued your children and grandchildren.

Advice 5 : How to make a family tree

Today, many people are eager to learn the history of their ancestors, their roots. Often it is necessary to collect information bit by bit: faded photographs, confusing the stories of grandparents, archival documents. Structure the received data, it is possible to construct a family tree.
How to make a family tree
First of all, learn the family history from relatives. Let your parents and grandparents will remember and describe in detail the events of the past years all known ancestors, the exact date of their birth and death. Nothing turn a deaf ear and capture even the smallest details.
Refer to the documentation: old passports, labor books, letters, diaries, and photos. Elderly people cherish such materials. Photo can I borrow it for a while and make copies. If some of them faded and faded from time, pretty shabby – otrestavrirovali. Today this can be done in almost every store. The rest of the documentation try to scan and record on a magnetic medium.
Clearly to make the family tree in various ways – in the form of diagrams, large poster-template, files. Paint scheme is quite simple. To do this you need to structure the information about a family dynasty and to capture it on a large piece of paper or album paper.
Your photo put on the top, and below include all known relatives: first, parents, brothers and sisters, then uncles, aunts, grandfathers, grandmothers and so on. Consistently connect them with arrows. Sign under each photo the name and years of life.
The poster template can be purchased at the store. Usually, it depicts a large tree and marked the areas for the photo. You should make little cards for each family member and glue them onto a poster Board in the sequence.
In the files for each member of the dynasty is put on a separate card. It must contain the following data: surname, name, patronymic, place of birth and death, burial place, education, profession, etc. All cards should be on the General likeness.
Useful advice
Modern technologies allow to construct a family tree by means of special computer programs and store them on magnetic media. It is very convenient at any time you can Supplement the pattern and print it on paper.
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