You will need
  • A sheet of paper, writing subject, materials from the family archive
Take a sheet of paper, place it horizontally and at the bottom center of the sheet label itself. Myself swipe up two lines in opposite directions. On one of them write the information on the mother, on the second – about the father. Continue to develop the tree to the sides and up, writing there the information that they know about grandparents and other relatives. It will be a rough draft of your family tree.
Using lines to indicate family ties between parents and children, and with the help of double lines or plus sign" - communication between spouses. You can specify only minimal information about the family (names, dates of birth and death), but it is better to Supplement it with information about the profession, place of birth, hereditary diseases, etc.
When your knowledge of the relatives are exhausted, contact your older family members on the maternal and paternal lines. Also, use family archive: photo books, death certificates, employment records, letters, etc. Make copies of all important documents as well as photographic portraits of each member of the family. Complement your tree on the information submitted.
When the family no longer can help, go to the local files. There you can find information about those ancestors and where your tree is broken and perhaps learn something about their life and about their parents. Also a good source of information about ancestors can serve as a parochial (Church parish) of the book.
If you feel great difficulty in self-search of information, you can contact one of the specialized firms, where for a fee you will collect information about your ancestors, will see the story of your family and even find long-lost relatives.
When the quantity of collected information will satisfy you, and a rough draft family tree will seem to you enough volume, you can proceed to the final stage – the transformation of the obtained information. For this you can use a sheet of drawing paper of large format and draw (or paint) the genealogical tree manually, if desired, glued to photos of relatives.
If the design manually seems too long and time-consuming, you can use one of the many computer programs that allow you to quickly and easily make an electronic version of the family tree. The result of your labors can be printed, put online or simply to save disk space.