Look on the Internet you need a picture of a family tree. Can reproduce it on paper. For this you will need a sheet of construction paper, markers, scissors, glue, crayons or colored design paper. You can also use different programs on the computer to create the tree.
Carefully look for pictures of all the relatives that you want to include in your family tree. You need all the representatives in the male and female line. Then sort the pictures according to the principle of relationship, consider various options of placement of these photos on your tree. Remember or ask loved ones birth dates of relatives and the dates of death.
Making a genealogical tree on the computer, scan your paper photos with a scanner and place them in a separate folder. Using any graphics program, open your chosen picture of a tree and place them in a specific order. With the help of a computer mouse and keyboard, make the inscription at the bottom of the photo. Write the date of birth, name and surname.
If you draw your family tree on paper yourself, cut the leaves from green paper, the number of which coincides with the number of relatives known to you. Write on each of the leaves bright marker names, surnames, date of birth and type of kinship (grandfather, grandmother, aunt, uncle, sister, brother). Glue the bottom piece of paper with your child's name, because he is the youngest member of the family. In the presence of brothers and sisters, draw a branching of the first name a little to the side.
Tap your family tree from the bottom up. Glue the leaves with the names of the moms and dads of the child, then their siblings, then grandparents. Locate relatives on my father's side from one side of the tree, and mom's on the other. Each generation is placed on the same level. Glue small pictures of your family members, and the genealogical tree will be a memorable attribute and decoration of your home.