Where better to start? You need to make a family tree.

1. You should go through the family photo albums, and the available documents containing important data, this can be evidence of a different kind of marriage, birth, death of family members. A large amount of useful information can include diplomas, certificates, work books. After what it takes to make copies of these documents and divide them into two groups on the maternal and paternal lines. And it is better if each family member will be opened a separate daddy.

2. Enjoy a collection of information directly from the relatives.

Be sure to record important data in a notebook or on tape, so as not to forget and not to miss the main parts. Thanks to modern technology, you can communicate with relatives who live not close, using the telephone or Internet. All questions should be carefully addressed. Will certainly provide important, search for links, info.

3. If suddenly, for whatever reason, failed to collect the right amount of information from relatives, then you can apply to the files. For this you will need to know all the names and dates of birth, and occupation of the desired characters.

4. When all information is collected, remained using available data, make a tree family.

There are several programming options.

Rising genealogy – when a trunk is the specific person, but the branches symbolize his family, large – family, and small – grandparents, etc.

The downside, on the contrary, means in the barrel of the ancestor, and the branches of this his descendants.

Also used a circular table. In the center is placed the person who is interested in a kind, divide the circle into two parts, each of which enter the data about the ancestors on the maternal and paternal lines.

For lovers the availability and simplicity, it is possible to use the genealogical table in which each generation is on its line that needs to be filled in order of seniority from left to right.

Each of the presented options, can be issued in accordance with the scope of your imagination. For example, the tree can be colored, as is done in the West. Each color can conceal information about children and family status of the person. Different geometric shapes can give information about male and female representatives of the genus.

For example, consider the most detailed option called ancestry painting.

Thus, the most distant of our ancestors is No. 1 the first degree. And so on, the first specified number of fathers and mothers, then the number of the child.

For example:

I knee

1. Nikita

II knee

1.1. Alexander (had no children)

1.2. Sergey Nikitovich

1.3. Svetlana N.

1.4. Andrei Nikitovich

III knee

1.2.1. the first child of Sergei - Olga

1.2.2. the second child of Sergey Morozova

1.3.1. the first child Svetlana - Alexander

1.3.2. the second child Svetlana, Anna

1.4.1. the first child of Andrew, Anastasia

1.4.2. the second child of Andrew, Michael

IV knee

Children of all representatives III knee the first child of Olga - Jeanne

And so on according to the scheme

You can also note the information available about each family member.

Through genealogy, you will be able to combine family is one hobby that will allow you with interest to spend leisure time and learn a lot about his kind.