There are several ways to draw a family tree, but no matter what method you choose, first you need to collect the necessary information about your genealogy. Get a notebook and write down all the information that you are aware about their ancestors. Talk to relatives, talk to grandparents who remember and know much more. Try to learn as much as possible, look at old photos.
Select the family tree – it is ascending and descending. In the first case, begin collecting information with the main entity that is directly from you, and then go in ascending lap of his father, grandfather, great-grandfather and so on. This kind of pedigree is typically used when researchers have no information and have to move from the known to the unknown. It is therefore advisable to choose him.
Select the method of registration of the family tree. There are now special programs that allow you to artistically arrange it. One of the most popular programs is GenoPro – it is used even genealogists, doctors, teachers and other researchers in the field of genealogy. To download this software on the site More easy-to-use programs – the Tree of Life, it allows you to store multimedia data, has search, sorting of information, provides statistics. The website of this programme Program gives the ability to quickly and easily make family tree simply by typing the necessary information in the provided for her shape.
Much more interesting and fun to draw family tree by hand, because things made by hand, are expensive. Relatives will definitely appreciate this work. Here, too, there are several ways. Search the web for a suitable picture of a tree that will form the basis of your design work. Prepare photos of relatives in the electronic form. Use any graphic program to place pictures on the tree in the correct order. Add labels under each photo, mark the date and place of birth, historical events. On the side of the tree, you can make a timeline to demonstrate the development of your family throughout the history of the country. Take place for rare family photos, family crest (if any), information about the history of the genus.
Another way more creative. If you are great at drawing, draw the tree that will perfectly fit your pedigree. Pre-count the number of branches, the branches, the height of the tree. Make first a draft and then transfer the tree on cardboard or drawing paper. Attach photographs and fill in the same way as in the previous paragraph.