First of all, learn the family history from relatives. Let your parents and grandparents will remember and describe in detail the events of the past years all known ancestors, the exact date of their birth and death. Nothing turn a deaf ear and capture even the smallest details.
Refer to the documentation: old passports, labor books, letters, diaries, and photos. Elderly people cherish such materials. Photo can I borrow it for a while and make copies. If some of them faded and faded from time, pretty shabby – otrestavrirovali. Today this can be done in almost every store. The rest of the documentation try to scan and record on a magnetic medium.
Clearly to make the family tree in various ways – in the form of diagrams, large poster-template, files. Paint scheme is quite simple. To do this you need to structure the information about a family dynasty and to capture it on a large piece of paper or album paper.
Your photo put on the top, and below include all known relatives: first, parents, brothers and sisters, then uncles, aunts, grandfathers, grandmothers and so on. Consistently connect them with arrows. Sign under each photo the name and years of life.
The poster template can be purchased at the store. Usually, it depicts a large tree and marked the areas for the photo. You should make little cards for each family member and glue them onto a poster Board in the sequence.
In the files for each member of the dynasty is put on a separate card. It must contain the following data: surname, name, patronymic, place of birth and death, burial place, education, profession, etc. All cards should be on the General likeness.