You will need
  • A personal computer program ReqistryBooster
Run your antivirus program. Scan of the system. Will help determine the cause of the error is “win32” program ReqistryBooster. Download and run it. After receiving the information, try to upgrade on the manufacturer's website win32.exe.
To resolve this problem, go to "start". Select the tab "Run". Appears on "Command prompt". Try typing in "msconfig". Click "OK". When you get to the services tab, uncheck the item "Server" and the menu "workstation". Try to do a reboot of the computer. A message will appear in which you have to press "OK". After this procedure, the win32 error should disappear.
There are other solutions. You need to install the update operating system. Download full pack. Then run an updated version of antivirus system. Check your computer for viruses. Go to the network screen. It is necessary to close the local ports. This can be port 445 or 139.
If all else fails, it is necessary then to change the driver of the DVB card. Could try at least test the memory module.
The error win32 via start go to "control Panel". There find a tab called "security Center". A must have item "Automatic updates". Here put daily updates. Microsoft needs to fix all errors. But this method is only effective if the operating system license.
Take advantage of the free Windows Registry Cleaner. Download and install it on your computer. Installing this utility will take a minute. The scope of the programme is not more than 10 MB. Run the program. It will begin to scan your computer for all local drives and registries, and in the event of an error Windows Registry Cleaner will automatically celebrate them.