Trim the claws small dogs preferred special kogterezki for cats and small dogs. If it does not, you can use nail clippers. Secure the dog on your lap or using the assistant.
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Take kogterezki in the right hand and the left foreleg of the dog. Lightly press the index finger on a big pad to make it easier to distinguish between fingers. In dogs of light color is well visible vascular part of the claw, but you will have to rely solely on length.
Как стричь йорку беби фейс""
Blade kogterezki or forceps position almost perpendicular to the claw, with a slight tilt to the outside, then cut parallel to the sole. Extremely regrown nail you need to cut approximately a quarter long, because two-thirds of its "live", if you cut too much, then the dog will hurt and blood will flow. Too long or twisted claws cut in chunks, 1-2 mm, because the vascular part may be more than usual.
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Repeat the procedure with the rest of the claws on the front paws. Not sure about the fifth finger is just above the rest on the inside of the front legs. The hind paws treated similarly. The nails on them grow more slowly and cut them less often and cut less than the front. The fifth toe on its hind legs in the norm no.
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