You will need
  • special tweezers or scissors for trimming the claws (they can be purchased in veterinary pharmacy);
  • - a bright lamp or flashlight;
  • assistant, which could hold the pig;
  • - disinfectant and styptic in case of damage to the blood vessels.
Have an assistant hold the pig in front of the light source so that you can taking hold of her foot, to see the claw up to the light. This is to ensure that when trimming claws as not to hurt the blood vessels. Determine where to trim the claw: it should be its transparent part, totally visible to the light. If the claws of the animal are dark, highlights are their bottom spot with a flashlight.Trim the claws alone is only in the case that you already well know, and the pig is very calm.
стрижем когти йорку
Trim the claw within one-third of its length. Try to position the tool so that the cutting edge was across the claw, or the claw may crack.The pig must be kept gently, but firmly. No matter how peace-loving the beast she was, but the procedure is unpleasant for her, and the pig is likely to try to escape, or to free up foot. In the same way trim the other claws.
стричь когти котенку гильотиной видео