You will need
  • - primer with antifungal effect;
  • - ozonizer;
  • - oil burner and aromatic oils;
  • - air fresheners, liquid spray automatically;
  • - activated carbon;
  • Sol.
First and foremost eliminate in the apartment the presence of the fungus. If he is to leave it untouched, neither will be able to help. Remove the mold and treat the spot with a special tool, for example, a primer with antifungal effect.
Check out how the ventilation in the room. If the exhaust air is absent or minimal, contact utility service.
Inspect all joints between walls, ceilings and floors. If it found the cracks, they must be sealed with foam, thereby preventing the emergence of damp and associated unpleasant odor.
To help get rid of smell of damp in the apartment could ozonator - a device, refreshing and disinfecting the air. Thanks ozone all unpleasant odors will be eliminated fairly quickly. The device is safe for Allergy sufferers.
Use aroma lamp. To do this, a few drops of oil to drip into a bowl for liquid, add a little water so the flavor was not very concentrated. Light candle under the bowl, and after 5-10 minutes you will feel a pleasant smell. The use of this method can be combined with the prevention of various diseases, e.g., colds, adding the orange oil, eucalyptus or cedar.
Install in air fresheners, spray liquid automatically. This method helps to get rid of the smell of damp in the apartment even when you are not home.
However, try to ventilate the apartment, especially after wet cleaning. When washing floors, use tools with aromatic fragrance.
Prepare the following mixture: 20-30 tablets of activated charcoal, mix with 100 grams of salt, place the composition in a small beautiful vase and put in a room with high humidity. Coal and salt have the property to absorb excess moisture. Change the composition every week.