You will need
  • water;
  • washing soda;
  • - salt;
  • - citrus zest;
  • - air freshener.
Often, the stagnant smell of mold persisted because of poor air circulation. In order to resolve this problem, you need to clean the vents. To do this, carefully remove the air vents (they are located upstairs, near the ceiling) and a good clean under warm running water. Then be sure to install them in place.
Sewage smell in the bath room can be removed with a special solution. To do this in the drain hole of the sink and the bath, add a mixture of washing soda and salt. Washing soda is perfectly clean existing pollution, and the salt will eliminate bad smell of sewage.
Ventilation – a mandatory condition that must be observed regularly. Especially ventilate bathroom after taking a hot shower or bath.
The smell of dampness can be eliminated also with the help of salt. Scatter it around the perimeter of the room, the salt will absorb excess moisture and eliminate odor.
The smell of tobacco. Very often smokers, especially in winter, I prefer to smoke indoors and usually in the toilet. Thus, the cigarette smoke through the vent settles in the bath room. To resolve this problem, you devour a special refreshing spray that you can buy in large supermarkets or specialized stores. This tool absorbs smoke particles. Also the smell of smoke can be eliminated with a damp towel. For this you need to soak cotton towels in warm water and hang 2-3 pieces on the perimeter. They absorb odors, freshening the room.
Bad smell in bath room can also be eliminated if you burn a small piece of orange peel or lemon. Just remember to keep safety precautions.