If the hair on the upper lip too much, then before you delete them, you should visit your doctor. Specialists such as the gynecologist and the endocrinologist will conduct the necessary research and, if indicated, prescribe hormonal therapy.
At home treat with great care for the cream-cheese, even if they are created for delicate skin and have a sparing effect. Before first use, perform the scratch test: place the elbow apply a small amount of cream, and after some time rinse with water. If during the day did not appear symptoms such as flaking, irritation, redness of the skin, the cream can be used. In order to remove from the mustache, apply the cream on the problem areas, wait is specified in the statement the amount of time and a soft sponge to gently wash away the hair together with the remnants of the epilator. After the procedure, apply to the skin moisturizer for the face.
To manually tweeze a single, separately growing hairs, use tweezers. To ease the discomfort caused by the removal of hair for 5 minutes before plucking apply a hot compress, and after the procedure to relieve redness, use a cold. For this purpose quite suitable cotton swab dipped in cold water.
For hair hydrate conventional pharmaceutical 50% hydrogen peroxide: one part peroxide, add 10 parts of clean water. After the procedure, lighten the hairs become more brittle, that in the struggle with the moustache is a distinct advantage.
Use liquid wax because it is the most common way of getting rid of unwanted facial hair. Before applying to the skin, heat the wax on a steam bath to body temperature. With a spatula or trowel, apply a liquid substance on the skin and after cooling and solidification a quick jerk remove together with the hair in the opposite direction of their growth. Beware: a significant disadvantage of this method is its tenderness.
Contact the salon to the professionals to determine the best one for you a professional method of dealing with a mustache. During electrolysis a thin metal needle is inserted into the skin and into the hair follicle the electrical impulse, which destroys the ability of hair to grow in the future. Even electric hair removal and is accompanied by painful sensations, it gives a very long lasting effect of getting rid of the mustache. When using laser hair become softer and lose their color, because the laser beam destroys the pigment layer and destroys the follicles. The laser (or photo) hair removal will save you from a mustache, but if used incorrectly there is a risk of burns and stains on the delicate skin of the upper lip.